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Sunday, September 14, 2008

About JAM

JAM is an on campus club at a number of college campuses throughout Southern California, and is host to weekly events, dinner parties, special brunches, luncheons, sports events, bbq’s, weekends, and features winter, spring, and summer break trips.

JAM,  short for Jewish Awareness Movement, hires young dynamic couples with strong Jewish educational backgrounds to serve as adult advisors to student clubs on college campuses at USC, UCLA, UCSD, SDSU, CSUN, and UCSB. JAM's mission is to inspire young college students to love their heritage, find a group of like minded peers in their college and connect them to Jewish knowledge, community and Israel.

Each year, JAM brings groups of students on a three week trip to Israel during winter and summer break. The Israel Trip trips combines exploring Jewish topics in the mornings and touring the country, rappelling, camel riding, horseback riding, climbing Massada and more in the afternoons.

JAM also runs 10 day winter and spring break trips to New York. The New York trip offers a select group of 50 college students hotel accommodations at the beautiful Carlton Hotel on Madison Ave. Students hear from world class educators on Jewish topics in the mornings, and tour the Big Apple in the afternoons.

The JAM London Trip also takes place each year during winter and spring breaks. A group of 30 students is hosted in community homes for a week in Jewish London. Inspiring lecturers teach classes in the mornings, and the afternoons feature touring at Windsor Castle, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye.

JAM’s office is located in Los Angeles and enjoys the support of the Los Angeles Jewish Community. JAM’s founders and directors, Rabbi Moshe and Bracha Zaret, personally run the JAM trips and host dozens of students at their home for weekly dinners. JAM has been featured in many Jewish write ups and has received numerous grants and awards since it’s inception in 1996.

To learn more about JAM and for upcoming JAM events on your campus, visit